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Neonate Head Coil

Neonate Head Coil for MRI

The Neonate Head coil is designed to accommodate 95th percentile of the newborn patient population. Coil is designed to accommodate intubated patients (on a ventilator). 40-100% SNR improvement is seen with the custom Neonate Head Coil over the standard OEM head coil without compromising uniformity. Owing to the small coil size, hi-res imaging is possible over the neonatal brain without running into SAR issues. The enhanced SNR and uniformity makes the Neonate Head Coil ideal for volumetric imaging (such as MRI, MRA, DWI and MRS) of the brain and intracranial vasculature of pre- and term newborns.

The Neonate Head Coil package includes the coil, base, pads and straps to ensure proper positioning without compromising safety and comfort of the newborn.

The Neonate Head Coil is compatible to 1.5 Tesla MR and 3.0 Tesla MRs from major OEMs.

Regulatory: US FDA 510K cleared (not an endorsement of the FDA)
Compliance Standards: UL 2601, CSA 601.1-M90, IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1

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