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Since 1996 Advanced Imaging Research, Inc dba SREE MEDICAL SYSTEMS is consistently providing complete solutions to facilitate safe and effective MRI of sick pediatric patients including pre-mature babies and newborns.

Specifically, SREE MEDICAL SYSTEMS is engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of novel surface coils for pediatric MRI & MR spectroscopy (MRS). In collaboration with partner companies, SREE MEDICAL SYSTEMS provides MRI Safe/MRI Conditional accessories (for transport, ventilation, monitoring etc) suited for sick pediatric patients.

Our products are offered to clients through OEMs and our extended sales network via established distributers worldwide.

We are constantly seeking collaborations with companies to provide full-blown solutions for pediatric MRI. In addition, we serve as a marketing conduit for university-based research and technology developments.

SREE MEDICAL SYSTEMS high-resolution surface coils offer these benefits:
  • Greater visual clarity for doctors in diagnosing MRI images
  • Improved ergonomics focused on patient comfort and safety
  • Increased patient throughput
  • Reduced scan time
Our advanced technology provides improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and uniformity, which in turn permit higher resolution imaging. Our devices yield enhanced images that assist the clinician in the diagnosis of disease. Higher resolution images obtained in shorter scan times reduce patient discomfort and concomitantly increase throughput in an MR scanner.

Occasionally, SREE MEDICAL provides university based research groups with dual tune (head, flex) coils, necessary to perform human multi-nuclei spectroscopy (MNS) research under local IRB approval.

Some of our novel concepts and advanced designs are patented; others remain proprietary information of SREE MEDICAL SYSTEMS.

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